We tell stories with roses

We tell stories
with roses with emotions


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Charming and elegant, roses will bring the needed exquisite touch to the visual concept of the event. Adorn your special day with the most beautiful flowers and make it memorable!

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Private Events

Leave unforgettable impressions on your guests by adding a pop of color and dizzy fragrance to your decorating. Life is too short, so live it to the fullest, let the roses speak for you!

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Every moment is an opportunity to express emotions, share joy, and create memories


Furnish your beautiful bouquet with a gift from our handpicked edit.

Connecting Hearts with Roses

Immerse yourself in the world of roses, where elegance and beauty come together in a harmonious dance of colors, fragrances, and sentiments. From classic red roses that speak of love & passion to sensitive pastel hues that convey admiration and gratitude, our manifold range of roses caters to every occasion and emotion.

The Journal

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Seasonal favourite: Peonies

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